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Premolded cable joints, 145–170 kV

Category : Cable_Accessories 52-420 kV >Cable joints
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Suitable for jointing XLPE- and EPR-insulated cables with
Al- and Cu-conductors. Suitable for jointing two cables having
different dimensions or screen /sheath design.

The joint is available in two different types:
SMPGB Straight cable joint with heat-shrink outer jacket.
SMPGB-C Cable joint with integrated screen interruption and
heat-shrink outer jacket.

The joint is available for different types of cable screens
and sheaths.
C  For cables with copper wire screen.
P  For aluminium laminated cables (APL).
M For cables with metal sheath; lead, corrugated
    copper/aluminium or corrugated stainless steel.

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