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          CBA, our team has accumulated substantial expertise about Cable Accessories of Medium Voltage (3.3 kV-69kV) up to High Voltage  (69 kV-245kV) over 20 years. We supply and install electrical accessories for underground and submarine cable. In addition, our team also repairs cable both MV and HV to customers, our main customers are group of industrial companies and power supply uch as BIC, EGAT, Esso, Glow,Gulf,IRPC, MEA, PEA, PTTEP, PTTGC,PTTME, Thai oil etc. 
           Moreover, we has Pocument, Engineering, Construction and Testing System of Submarine and Underground System. CBA is certified by NKT HV Cable AB(owner)Project  installation and supply product including
CBA have been entrusted with ABB to be agency for supplying product which is submarine and underground cable (3.3 kV-245 kV.) in Asia-Pacific Our customers able to entrust and believe our team certainly because our staffs went to abroad to train and practice on installation from Sweden,Switzerland, and Germany then our team received training certificate for passing practical test.

>>>Vision <<<
The Best Of All Jointer Service MV And HV In Thailand
To be procurance and deliver to the quality of the product, services ,testing and maintenance to support our customer business as to our business to realize the customer problem in our mind and solve the problem as asour problem 

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